The banquet hall is one of the directions of events and more often used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, private and corporate events. Until the 19th century, the word "banquet" was used relatively rarely, because not many banquets were organized. Among the aristocrats, the name "gala dinner" spread. But at the end of the 19th century, the banquets took on a larger scale. It was also then that the traditional time of the banquet was established - 7-8 in the evening. According to etiquette, the guests they sit at festively arranged tables.


If you have scheduled a presentation related to the company's anniversary, the fourchette is exactly what you need. For decades chefs have perfected their skills for preparing snacks, making it an art, a standard of culinary design when masterpieces were created from ordinary products.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break - break for a pleasant stay and communication during business negotiations, meetings, conferences and seminars, as well as other special events. In addition to the full range of tea and coffee assortments, the coffee breaks include serving tea, fresh pastries, gherkins and delicate donuts that will not leave the guests of the event indifferent. The "Novas Banquet Hall" employees will organize a coffee break that will be a harmonious part of your event scenario, with delicious snacks and fast, professional service.

Catering and delivery

CATERING - presumes the delivery and serving of food and drinks according to a restaurant’s standards. The delivery happens at the time and place set by the client with all the services a restaurant would offer. Catering offers a number of undeniable advantages: thanks to it you can organize anywhere and anytime : corporate events, presentations, annual holidays, anniversaries, weddings, proms and other events. We deliver absolutely everything: from the equipment needed, furniture, dishes, to waiters, bartenders, chefs and managers. Moreover, these type of services can be offered in different ways: buffet, coffee break, barbeque, reception, banquet and cocktail bar. Our catering involves fast and high quality services.

DELIVERY - if you treasure your time, Novas Banquet Hall offers you a very convenient service – food delivery. The convenience that our clients are benefitting from is obvious: if you have a holiday but you don’t have time to cook or you are tired after a long day, we offer you to order the food to be delivered to your address. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised. And by the way, you don’t have to tell them that is wasn’t you who cooked such a delicious meal. You will be amazed by the variety of meals we offer- thing that allows us to make an individual menu or a themed one for each client. We can surprise even the most sophisticated and picky gourmands by suggesting them exquisite meals.